tech4safe Privacy Policy

tech4safe, uses the latest generation technology to encrypt and to protects your communications. We take privacy very seriously. All the security and protection of our technology is handled directly by our team. We have all process control in our own data center with the strictest security measures.

We do not keep any record certified web requests. The confidential data provided by tech4safe, consists in the encryption of information transmitted, the data storage, all encrypted with a key that is exclusively generated and managed by the user.

All our products are directly downloaded from the Official App Stores, such as Apple Store and Google Play. They enable immediate usage after receiving login and password. It’s a quick and easy way to pass on security and privacy of communications.

Acceptance of payments may require us to collect some basic personal information, such as email addresses and credit card information. This payment information is shared only with our payment processor, and only for the purpose of completing the transaction and getting you access into the secure Tech4Safe network. We do not retain information from your credit card.

The registration and electronic of user’s personal data by tech4safe is intended for the assessment, expansion and improvement of services offered, as well as its adaptation to user preferences or even towards the creation of new related products and services.

The priority of our site is to ensure the privacy and security of information transmitted by registered users (“User”). Your questions will always be clarified by our customer service teams.

Tech4Safe can upgrade existing versions, as regards the display and/or use of its products, and it may also create new versions of its products without prior notice to the user. Tech4Safe can also modify its privacy policy at any time without prior notice to the user, the agreement to which is assumed by the use of our products.